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Passing Over to Passive Income. How to Make Money Online?

Passing Over to Passive Income. How to Make Money Online?

Most website owners sooner or later think about monetisation of the resource. How to make money online by competent monetising the incoming traffic?

June 17, 2016 at 12:17 pm

It is no secret that you can get a nice passive income from a constant website traffic. It is important to thoroughly consider all the options of monetising, and select the most suitable ones. More information on each method will be discussed in the following articles, and today we give the general information on the methods of earnings.

Placement of Advertising

Perhaps the most obvious way of all. The most popular options of advertising placements are: contextual advertising (Google Adsense, Yandex.Direct), banner advertising, teaser ads and various clickunder / popunder formats. As for the content advertising, everything is clear: we use the Google or Yandex services, check in, get the right size banners, and place them on the site. Now that the ads are on your website, you get your pay-per-click money.

Passing Over to Passive Income. How to Make Money Online?

To place a banner, teaser or clickunder/popunder advertising, one can use numerous specialised advertising networks; all these services can be easily found in search engines. Thus, you get the money both for clicks and ads on your website.

Selling Links

How to make money online by selling links? Lots of websites are promoted online by purchasing links through the services that buy and sell links (for example, sape.ru, gogetlinks.net). The link price does not depend on website attendance, more important being such indicators as TIC and PR. We shall dwell on the subject a bit later.

Passing Over to Passive Income. How to Make Money Online?

Placement of Articles

This option has one advantage: when placing articles on your website you increase the capacity of search engine optimisation. As a rule, article placement services offer a selection of the posted articles criteria. So, there is no problem finding an article corresponding to your website subject, place it on your site, and get paid. Here (as in the case of links) the indicators TCI and PR are important.

Passing Over to Passive Income. How to Make Money Online?

Partnership Programs

This is a kind of income you get from an advertiser who shares with you the income he gets from selling goods / services and so on. Nowadays CPA networks (Cost Per Action - pay per action) are very popular. They represent a huge amount of offers from different advertisers which may be either a sales percentage payment or a fixed fee for a paid order or a confirmed application. Affiliate programs and offers on CPA networks are more than enough to choose the best option for your website. There are various advertising formats there: from banners to conventional direct links to the product.

Passing Over to Passive Income. How to Make Money Online?

File Sharing

Perhaps it is the least popular method at the moment. How to make money online via file sharing? This question is relevant to file sites, i.e. the sites that give users the ability to download programs/games/images, and so on. The principle is quite simple: you need to register on sharing services, upload a file, get a link to the file and place it on the site. You will be paid a fee for each downloading.

A more effective way to monetise your own product (game software, plug-ins, add-ons, music, video, etc.) is to work through paid archives. You can upload your file and assign a price the user will pay for downloading.

Passing Over to Passive Income. How to Make Money Online?

The above mentioned ways of earning money may not necessarily make you as rich as the guy in the picture (unless your project enjoys a multi million users' attendance of course), but with proper approach, you can have a good passive income.

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